California, Hawaii and the East Coast Monday, June 26, 2017

Renny Yater

Born: Los Angeles, 1932

Years Surfing: 60 years plus

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California

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Best Surfing Memory:

I surfed Honolua Bay, Maui all by myself in 1962, in fact two days in a row.  Nobody else out. Not very big, you know maybe four or five feet.  But that was pretty neat.

When I'm not surfing: Shaping surfboards
Favorite spots Rincon, Hammonds, Honolua Bay, Maui, Maui, Mexico Secret Spot
Favorite local eats not really
Favorite local surf shop The Beach House
What's on your ipod don't have an ipod
Favorite movies Endless Summer, Walk on The Wetside, Big Wednesday, Apocalypse Now
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Thanks for buying my boards for a lot of years. - Renny
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