California, Hawaii and the East Coast Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kilian Garland

Born: January 22, 1987

Years Surfing: Since age 5

Hometown: Santa Maria and Santa Barbara

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Best Surfing Memory:

My first and only time surfing Mavericks was really cool. It was a really foggy day. Everyone just sort of got there and checked in then the fog eased up a little bit. I was on a jet ski with Tom Carey and we were going probably about 40mph and all of a sudden we almost ran straight into the jetty, because it was so foggy we couldn’t tell where we were going. Then after that we went back to the dock and Kenny “Skindog” Collins was there and said he would show us how to get out there because we couldn’t figure out how to get out of the harbor. And then finally we got out there and as soon as we got there Tom Carey told me to get off the ski. The lineup had 20 footers come in and it was crazy.  I just sat there and watched for like 20-30 minutes before I even thought about paddling for a wave.

When I'm not surfing: Hang out with my girlfriend and trying to either do art or take photos. Sometimes I’m skateboarding, hiking
Favorite spots I’d say Rincon is one of my favorites, and also a couple spots in Santa Cruz are pretty sick.
Favorite local eats I like Wahoo’s, it’s pretty good.
Favorite local surf shop One Way Board Shop is one of my favorites.
What's on your ipod Lot’s of Jack Johnson and a lot of Reggae.
Favorite movies I just saw this video recently it was in the Santa Barbara Film Festival. It’s a skate video. It was called Skatopia.
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