California, Hawaii and the East Coast Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jesse Billauer

Born: February 24, 1979

Years Surfing: 10 +

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

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Best Surfing Memory:

Before my accident would be surfing 3rd Dip on the Westside of Oahu. And then after my injury would be either Sunset Beach, Northshore Hawaii or the Ranch.

When I'm not surfing: Fishing on my boat or concerts, or meet new people.
Favorite spots Big Drakes and Malibu.
Favorite local eats Hawaiian BBQ
Favorite local surf shop Channel Islands
What's on your ipod My two favorites, Dave Mathews and Eminem.
Favorite movies Goonies, any movie with Sean Penn and Murder Drama.
More about Jesse Billauer

Jesse Billauer started surfing at a young age.  He was became sponsored and was going after his dream of pro surfing.  Then a twist of fate.  Jesse broke his neck, severing his spinal cord at the C6 level. Jesse overcame his injury and began surfing again.  And he doesn’t just go in small waves, he surfs places like Sunset Beach, Hawaii on the North Shore.  Jesse has also surfed in the barrell of a wave at Tavarua, Fiji.  So, he’s not just surfing, he is charging.  to surfing, adapting his surfing technique and equipment to the situation of his current condition. He has become a role model to many other surfers, both professional and amateur, on how to life a life to the fullest.  Jesse is a good man and often speaks around the country.  Jesse just started a clothing line at  check out Jesse’s full interview at


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